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How Real-Time Matching Improves Singles Mixers


SureToMeet Singles Matchup App

Mobile Networking Adds Value to Your Singles Mixers!

  • All the benefits of MatchUp PLUS SureToMeet

  • Online event registration using credit cards

  • E-Mail invitations and reminders

  • Online payment for multiple attendee categories

  • Online membership management tools

  • Social networking that keeps members connected

Are your singles frustrated with online dating
and traditional mixer results?

Mixer organizers can hold more successful mixers with smartphone-based matching that ensures like-minded people are matched quickly and easily, right at YOUR mixer! No waiting. No forced timetables. Just immediate, rewarding conversations with like-minded people.

What a difference MatchUp makes!

Crowd-sourced Matching + Personal Control + Affordability

MatchUp Smartphones Organizers can have more successful mixers ... smartphones now make it possible to go mobile! And MatchUp makes it possible to go smart!

Because SureToMeet | MatchUp matches like-minded people quickly and easily, your attendees can meet their best matches right at YOUR mixer! They'll find each other across that proverbial crowded room!

MatchUp delivers mobility and quality matches!

Singles attend mixers to meet new people face-to-face for engaging conversations. They want choices! You can deliver choice, matches -- and control. More dynamic mixers ...
  • SureToMeet provides organizers like you with a cutting edge event management system.
  • MatchUp is a mobile matching system that uses popular smartphones and wifi devices for instant connections.
  • MatchUp matches like-minded people at local events.
  • MatchUp makes every conversation meaningful with tailored conversation starters.
  • MatchUp draws on human intuition and organizer skill for the best chemistry in matches.
  • MatchUp connects compatible people across a crowded room.

SureToMeet saves you planning and management time and hassle.

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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