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Mobile Matching and Introductions for Singles Events!

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SureToMeet powers your events with online registration tools, event promotion and MatchUp! Mixer attendees can match, select and meet their best matches AT YOUR EVENT!

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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SMART PHONES with SureToMeet Matchup connect singles for immediate, smart conversations!

Matching singles' interests and commonalities
takes computers + people!

Successful mixers take talent to invite the right people and create a fun environment. That's why SureToMeet designed a system that mixes real-time experience and living human beings into the secret sauce! MatchUp stimulates rewarding conversation among the best matches at YOUR event!

    More dynamic mixers ...

  • SureToMeet provides organizers like you with a leading edge event management system.
  • MatchUp is a mobile matching system that uses popular smartphones for instant connections.
  • MatchUp identifies the best matches in the room for every attendee.

    More compatible matches...

  • MatchUp connects like-minded people at local events.
  • MatchUp introduces compatible people across a crowded room.

    More rewarding conversations...

  • MatchUp makes every conversation meaningful with tailored conversation starters.
  • MatchUp draws on human intuition and organizer skill for the best chemistry in matches.

Deliver the BEST matches for every attendee! Your mixers can sparkle with conversation and chemistry when you add SureToMeet | MatchUp.

Now there is a better, easier, and more effective solution for matching compatible people

Mobile networking is in!

Smartphones are making instant connections commonplace - but the software system that customizes the experience has not been available ... until now. SureToMeet | MatchUp is that secret sauce. This is the most robust matching system in the introductions and connections marketplace today.

Bust the myths and frustrations of singles matching

  • Forget superficiality -- people want REAL conversations about what matters to them -- we focus on conversation that first dates cover, one-to-one, for as long as the couple wants to visit.
  • People want to meet new people, AND nurture budding romances over time. We encourage new and nurturing conversations at the very same events.
  • People want more compatible matches. MatchUp adds compatibility points with every question the attendees answer -- compatibility just get more and more valuable.

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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