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How SureToMeet | MatchUp Turns Events Into Rewarding Conversations for the Best Connections.

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App

For attendees, a MatchUp mixer is as simple as 1-2-3-4!

MatchUp Attendees have complete control over MatchUp participation from their smartphone's web browser.
  1. Select the type of people to meet.
  2. Answer questions used to match you to like-minded people.
  3. Review and select the best like-minded matches to meet.
  4. Meet at a convenient spot right at the event.
  5. Visit and just "click" to exchange contact information.
SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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MatchUp Man Meets Woman

How Smartphone MatchUps enhance mixer success

Smartphone apps deliver real-time matches. Crowdsourced and mobile. And SureToMeet | MatchUp turns compatible matches at your events into engaging conversations -- and matches into connections!
  • The best matches for every attendee!
  • Organizer flexibility, affordability, and real-time control
  • Build engaging, sustainable community for your group.
  • Conversation starters provide meaningful, fast and easy connections with like-minded people.
  • Social networking connections foster sharing activities, which build lasting relationships.

SureToMeet event management makes mixers easier for organizers

  • Online event registration using credit cards
  • E-Mail invitations and reminders
  • Flexible, online payment for multiple attendee categories
  • Online membership management tools
  • Social networking that keeps members connected
Organizers can have more successful mixers because SureToMeet | MatchUp matches like-minded people quickly and easily, right at the event!

Crowd-sourced Matching + Personal Control + Affordability

Crowdsourced Matching

BOTH organizers and attendees can craft conversation starters that turn a general mixer into a specialized experience for the singles who are there -- in real-time! The flexibility of the MatchUp system is unparalleled in the dating world -- online or offline.

  • Profiles and conversation starters provide ranked matches.
  • Meeting spots make connecting fast and easy.
  • Follow-up nurtures compatible relationships.

Personal Control

Mixer attendees can answer the questions they prefer. They can choose to meet someone -- or not. Their smartphone puts them in charge of the MatchUp experience. Totally!

You'll be recognized for holding high quality mixers and people will keep coming back to nurture like-minded matches and refer their friends.

Mixer organizers win because your attendees get results!

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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