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SureToMeet | MatchUp Costs

Turn Mixers into Win-Win-Win Events.

We provide you with a totally variable option for your program costs. You pay only for what you use! SureToMeet | MatchUp provides fast and easy matches! No one else can deliver so much, so fast, so flexibly!


Affordability and Potential

Event organizers win because mixer attendees get great results!

Your events will generate more revenue and profits because MatchUp is easy to use and generates high loyalty. This means that more singles will attend and larger groups generate more revenue -- and more profits.

SureToMeet | MatchUp Provides the Following Options

SureToMeet Feature Free! Fee
Event Calendar FREE!
Unlimited E-Mail Invitations FREE!
List Management FREE!
Attendee Profile FREE!
Online Event Registration
6% of Registration Fees
MatchUp System
$3 per Participant

SureToMeet Singles Matchup App
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